Coming of age in 19th century Dublin

The short story "Araby" is perhaps the most famous of James Joyce's stories in Dubliners (1914). It is a classic coming-of-age story about a boy who falls in love with a girl and wants to do something special for her. But when he visits a bazaar to buy her a present he comes to an important realization. This guide to "Araby" provides a close reading of the entire story, from the symbolic opening to the final dramatic epiphany. Each lesson comes with short answer questions and a detailed video lecture.

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Course curriculum

    1. The Bazaar: Questions

    2. The Bazaar

    3. The Opening: Questions

    4. The Opening: Symbolism

    5. Romance or Infatuation: Questions

    6. Romance or Infatuation?

    7. The Uncle, the Aunt, and Mrs Mercer: Questions

    8. The Uncle, the Aunt, and Mrs Mercer

    9. The Final Epiphany: Questions

    10. The Final Epiphany

    1. Longer Assignments

    2. Final Test

    3. Vocabulary

    4. Answer Key

    5. Scholarly Notes

About this course

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  • Recommended Age: 15+
  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • 5 Activities + Other Resources

Learning Outcomes

This course has several objectives. Students will:

  • Improve their reading and writing skills

  • Know how an epiphany can function as the climax of a story

  • Understand Joyce's critical view of Dublin

  • Relate personally to the narrator's account of falling in love and growing up

  • Explore important themes, including love, materialism, charity, and Irish identity


Conrad van Dyk

I'm a Professor of English and I love teaching great works of literature from across the centuries. I've taught everything from medieval texts to children's literature and contemporary British fiction. I'm a strong believer in classical education and the great books tradition, which is why I wanted to create better study guides for curious readers. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, playing the piano, spending time with my kids, and traveling.