From Delight to Wisdom

In this poetry unit, you will study 10 poems carefully selected from some of the greatest poets in the English language. Whether you are looking for a complete poetry unit for high-school, taking AP English, or studying English in university and beyond, these lessons and exercises provide a beautiful introduction to many famous poems. These include everything from the medieval "Gentilesse" to twentieth-century poems such as "In Flanders Fields" and "Mending Wall." Each poem is carefully analyzed from a Christian perspective and comes with discussion questions, quizzes, or other exercises.  Check the course curriculum for the complete list of poems.

All our courses are self-paced rather than live, so you can progress at your own speed. 

Course curriculum

    1. From Delight to Wisdom

    2. Form and Content

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: True Nobility

    3. Discussion Questions

    4. "Gentilesse" Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: A Plea for Salvation

    3. Lesson: Theological Debates

    4. Discussion Questions

    5. "Holy Sonnet 14" Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: Pandora's Box

    3. Lesson: The Gift of Restlessness

    4. Discussion Questions

    5. "The Pulley" Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: The Inspiration for the Poem

    3. Lesson: The Sneer of Cold Command

    4. Discussion Questions

    5. Ozymandias: Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Introduction

    3. The Form of the Poem

    4. Lesson: Nature is Never Spent

    5. Discussion Questions

    6. "God's Grandeur" Quiz

About this course

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  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • 21 Instructional Videos
  • 25+ Activities and Other Resources

Learning Outcomes

This course has several objectives. Students will:

  • Gain a rich appreciation of 10 classic poems

  • Learn more about poetic forms and genres

  • Study the influence of the Bible on English literature

  • Improve their ability to analyze and explain complex poems

  • Reflect on the authors' lives and their historical time period


Conrad van Dyk

I'm a Professor of English and I love teaching great works of literature from across the centuries. I've taught everything from medieval texts to children's literature and contemporary British fiction. I'm a strong believer in classical education and the great books tradition, which is why I wanted to create better study guides for curious readers. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, playing the piano, spending time with my kids, and traveling.