From Delight to Wisdom

In this poetry unit, you will study 10 poems carefully selected from some of the greatest poets in the English language. Whether you are looking for a complete poetry unit for high-school, taking AP English, or studying English in university and beyond, these lessons and exercises provide a beautiful introduction to poems as diverse as Chaucer's "Gentilesse" (a philosophical reflection on nobility) and Gerard Manley Hopkins' "God's Grandeur" (a profound sonnet about our interaction with God's divine creation). Each poem is carefully analyzed from a Christian perspective and comes with discussion questions or other exercises.  Check the course curriculum for the complete list of poems.

Release date: March 31. Use the coupon code "poetryunit" for a 50% discount when you preorder!

Course curriculum

    1. From Delight to Wisdom

    2. Form and Content

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: True Nobility

    3. Discussion Questions

    4. "Gentilesse" Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: A Plea for Salvation

    3. Lesson: Theological Debates

    4. Discussion Questions

    5. "Holy Sonnet 14" Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: Pandora's Box

    3. Lesson: The Gift of Restlessness

    4. Discussion Questions

    5. "The Pulley" Quiz

    1. The Poem

    2. Lesson: The Sneer of Cold Command

    3. Discussion Questions

    4. Ozymandias: Quiz

    1. Introduction

    2. The Poem

    3. The Form of the Poem

    4. Lesson: Nature is Never Spent

    5. Discussion Questions

    6. "God's Grandeur" Quiz

About this course

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  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • 10+ Instructional Videos
  • 10+ Activities and Other Resources

Learning Outcomes

This course has several objectives. Students will:

  • Gain a rich appreciation of 10 classic poems

  • Learn more about poetic forms and genres

  • Study the influence of the Bible on English literature

  • Improve their ability to analyze and explain complex poems

  • Reflect on the authors' lives and their historical time period


Conrad van Dyk

I'm a Professor of English and I love teaching great works of literature from across the centuries. I've taught everything from medieval texts to children's literature and contemporary British fiction. I'm a strong believer in classical education and the great books tradition, which is why I wanted to create better study guides for curious readers. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, playing the piano, spending time with my kids, and traveling.