Travel through the wardrobe ...

Gain a richer appreciation of C. S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with our comprehensive guide. Topics covered include the power of fairy-tales, psychology, allegory, natural law, and much more. Complete with vocab list, reading-comprehension tests, and a range of in-depth activities, this premier literary guide provides all the tools you need to explore the world of Narnia. Each lesson focuses on one central concept or story moment. This guide is perfect for both home-school learners (12+) and adult readers who enjoy being challenged by great literature.

All our courses are self-paced rather than live, so you can progress at your own speed.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Course

    2. The Life of C. S. Lewis

    1. Reading-Comprehension and Vocab: Quiz 1

    2. The Blitz

    3. The Setting: Questions

    4. 7 Virtues of Fairy Tales

    5. Fairy Tale Questions

    1. Reading-Comprehension and Vocab: Quiz 2

    2. Psychology and Morality

    3. Questions

    1. Reading-Comprehension and Vocab: Quiz 3

    2. Faith and Belief

    3. Questions

    4. The Beavers

    5. Questions

    1. Reading-Comprehension and Vocab: Quiz 4

    2. Edmund's Repentance

    3. Father Christmas

    4. Questions

    1. Reading-Comprehension and Vocab: Quiz 5

    2. Allegory Activity

    3. Allegory Answers

    4. Suppose That ...

    5. Natural Law

    6. Natural Law Activity

    7. Deeper Magic

About this course

  • $25.00
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • 17 Lessons + Videos
  • 19 Activities

Learning Outcomes

This course has several objectives. Students will:

  • Demonstrate good reading comprehension.

  • Enrich their vocabulary.

  • Understand the Christian allegory.

  • Develop their grasp of story-telling techniques.

  • Explore topics such as psychology, morality, faith, atonement, and natural law.

  • Reflect on questions of faith and trust.

  • Apply the story to their own lives.


Conrad van Dyk

I'm a Professor of English and I love teaching great works of literature from across the centuries. I've taught everything from medieval texts to children's literature and contemporary British fiction. I'm a strong believer in classical education and the great books tradition, which is why I wanted to create better study guides for curious readers. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, playing the piano, spending time with my kids, and traveling.


“With my new job teaching junior high Language Arts in a classical program, I discovered the Nature of Writing videos and was delighted to find clearly explained help in a multitude of Language Arts topics. As I looked into who I was learning from, I was interested to discover the Lit Companion resources also. I recently worked through The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe companion and I found it a rich, engaging exploration of the much loved entryway to Narnia. The lessons are just the right length to hold interest and the discussion/background to the book etc. are fascinating and thought provoking. Taking this course provides a deeper view of the greater implications of the symbolism in the book, while enjoying the story itself! Though I have studied this book with 7th graders for years, I learned wonderful new things! I can see this course being a wonderful aid to teachers, students both in the classroom and home education settings. So excited to dive into the Poetry course next! ”

Elizabeth Adams, Teacher (Florida)

“My son, who is in Grade 9, recently completed the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe course. He found the questions easy to answer and enjoyed the life lessons drawn from the book. He especially liked learning about the allegory of Aslan in the Christian faith. The course could be taken to a deeper level of study if desired, including writing assignments, but it can also be used as a way to test knowledge of the book at a more basic level. Definitely worth the reasonable price.”

Marissa M., Homeschool Parent